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 Secret Chaddster/Scibby HQ Fan club (SCSFC)

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PostSubject: Secret Chaddster/Scibby HQ Fan club (SCSFC)   Secret Chaddster/Scibby HQ Fan club (SCSFC) EmptyThu Oct 29, 2009 6:02 pm

Secret Chaddster/Scibby HQ Fan club (SCSFC) Obcbadge75x75 Yes its on ROBLOX but, for us it represants high ranks, high poster (1000)(without spamming) and your in the Secret Chaddster/Scibby HQ Fan club very exclusive.

Message me on roblox to purchase one or, buy it stabucks!

Monthy= 60,000 Stabucks, 50 Reputation, or 1000tix/1000robux.
4 Months= 120,000 StaBucks, 100 Reputation, or 5000tix/5000robux.
6 Months= 300,000 StaBucks, 500 Reputation, or 10,000tix/10,000robux.
12 Months= 500,000 StaBucks, 1000 Repuation, or 15,000tix/15,000robux.
5 Years= 1,000,000 StaBucks, 5000 Repuation, or 20,000tix/20,000robux.
Lifetime= 10,000,000 StaBucks 10000 Repuation, or 50,000tix/50,000 robux.

Sales will happen for now watch the prices on the StaBuck store.

Chaddster/Scibby HQ

StaStudio Production is now making a zombie movie!
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Secret Chaddster/Scibby HQ Fan club (SCSFC)
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